St. Cloud Math and Science Academy will provide an engaging and challenging science, technology, engineering and math based learning environment for elementary aged students.


 Our School Dynamics

  • We are a tuituion free, public charter school for students in grades K-5 our curriculum and instruction is aligned with the Minnesota State Standards

  • With a maximum enrollment of 185 students we are able to maintain small class sizes 

There will be support for students who are behind, an extra challenge and for those who are ready for advanced work, and clear pathways to STEM opportunities in middle and high school.  SCMSA will increase the STEM proficiency of Minnesota students by helping them develop knowledge and skills that prepare them for post-secondary study and careers in STEM.



In the area of academics the students will participate in an embedded program with cross curriculum.  The students will learn reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.  They will be focused on learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our STEM program.  They will be exposed to the arts and culture, physical education and citizenship.

Inspire Science:

Integrating literacy with science instruction will help our students build literacy skills while they're learning science. Our leveled, non-fiction reading content allows your students' close reading skills to improve with text dependent questions, arguments, narratives and explanations practiced in the context of science that's fun! And the Inspire Science paired readings (in each leveled reader and the Science Paired Read Alouds) help students make connections between the concepts the learning in class. On top of building reading skills, Inspire Science strengthens students' writing skills with on-going journaling and science writing activities. 

Math Integration: 

Science and math are closely related in the real world. Our inspire science curriculum has math integrated into  Science. It gives students the opportunity to engage with science like real scientists,giving them the chance to practice data collection, graphing, making predictions, and other math practices and principles while learning science!

Wonders Reading Curriculum:

We chose Wonders for its rich range of diverse print and digital media, Reading Wonders provides the instructional support and materials needed  to teach the rigor, intent, and depth of the new Common Core State Standards.

The program provides unmatched support for

  • Building a strong reading foundation

  • Accessing complex text 

  • Finding and using text evidence

  • Engaging in collaborative conversations

  • Writing to sources

The Wonders program is uniquely designed to move students ahead seamlessly - whether in the core classroom, participating in English language development instruction, or benefiting from intervention support. Wonders materials focus on the same Essential Question, vocabulary, skills, and strategies throughout a given week. 

Daily 5:

Daily 5 is a framework for structuring literacy time so students develop lifelong habits of reading, writing, and working indpendently.  Students select from five authentic reading and writing choices, working independently toward personalized goals, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small group instruction. 

These choices include, read to self, work on writing, read to someone, listen to reading and word work. 

Wednesday, February 3rd, twenty of our 2nd-5th grade students who demonstrate leadership and follow our school expectations will attend a fieldtrip to two local daycares to inform them of our Kindergarten registration night and to promote our school.  Preschool students will receive a book to take home and will complete a project with the SCMSA students and staff.  Students will also be treated to lunch at The Mogadishu Restaurant in St. Cloud.  Congratulations to our 20 amazing students.  


Project Based Learning:

In all of our cross curricular activities the students will be doing hands-on minds-on learning.  They will be creating and learn by doing projects.  Students will be using critical thinking skills by using their own creativity and innovation.  By having the students learn through their own creativity this will drive intrinsic and extrinsic learning.  By doing this the students will enjoy learning and will eliminate teachers teaching “at them” and be learning “with them”.  



We believe that relationships matter.  We will offer good teaching in a kind place.  Relationships with teachers, parents and students will be a focus with many opportunities for parent involvement which will include multi-cultural speakers, real life events and field trips, family nights for our students and families and opportunities for volunteering for community members and parents.  The students will participate in social skills activities, character development, collaboration with peers and citizenship. 



At SCMSA we believe in the celebration of the whole child.  We know how important it is to encourage personal worth, cultural awareness and diversity.  We promise to teach with kindness and create a nurturing, loving environment where students feel safe and successful.


Employment Opportunites:

Employment Application

English as a Second Language Teacher 2019-2020 School Year

Classroom Teacher Positions 2019-2020 School Year 




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